While at a conference a very famous minister said, “I believe most prophecy is just people reading your spirit”, well that explained a lot for me, is that why I was getting the same prophetic words spoken over me where ever I went?

A few weeks later I went to prophetic conference, I was listening to the preacher, he stopped preaching and started speaking in tongues, he was getting ready to prophecy. But the moment he started praying in tongues, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye, I turned to see what it was…

I saw two invisible people, one invisible person walked up to the other invisible person, and gave that one directions, it was almost like it had a clip board or something.

Anyway this invisible person then proceeded to walk down my isle… instead of walking down my isle normally it walked right through the people, it came to where I was and stopped, it had its back to the preacher and it just stood there, standing inside the lady who was sitting in front of me… she never had a clue it was standing in her.

I put my head down and peeked at it, I thought “what the heck is going on, why is this ministering spirit standing pointing at me?” Mean while Chris (the preacher) was prophesying over a girl 50m away; there would have been 1000 people in the meeting.

Then the ministering spirit said to me “stand up you’re next”, it spoke to my heart, and if I had not learnt how to hear God’s voice (by reason of use we learn to discern) I would have thought it was my own voice (God speaks to our heart).

Anyway so it said “stand up you’re next” my immediate thought was to stand up, I was on the edge of my seat ready to stand, but then as logic crept in, I thought, what if the preacher is not tuning in to God and he says “yes can I help you?” or “what are you doing standing?” then he would call for the men in the white coats to come and take me away… if you know what I mean?

So decided I would not stand, as soon as I decided not to, it spoke again to my heart… “if you’re not going to stand, then hide!” So I hid, the lady that was sitting in front of me, (the one the ministering spirit was standing in) had a big head of hair so it hid me perfectly… then Chris (the preacher) came over to our side of the auditorium; I was about 10-15 rows back from the front.

He said “now there’s somebody over here”, “there’s somebody over here” he was looking for somebody and couldn’t find them…. “there’s somebody over here”, It was me he was looking for and I was hiding.

He spotted me and said “you hiding down there stand up”…

I know lot of people speak words of encouragement and they are not really a prophecy they are more a word of God, more than a word from God.

The point of this story , God showed me there was a lot more to the prophetic, it is from heaven and not from the earth.

There was a few other exciting stories surrounding this event… I might share them in another story later.

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