Like the Sun

I was walking down a street in Sydney city, minding my own business when suddenly a stranger came up to me a said “I have to talk to you, I don’t know why but I do”, so knowing it must be a God thing I said “sure lets go have a coffee”.

His name was Peter, he was a non Christian but was full of idea’s of faith and great feats (but without Christ), he was telling me of lady who had lifted the car off a loved one after a car accident and other similar stories …

He was searching and I had the answer…Jesus!

Anyway Peter got saved and 8? of this friends got saved a few days later, a week later Peter was out on the street preaching Christ and ministered instant healing to a person who was on crutches. Peter’s faith was ablaze, that week he went to Phil and Chris Pringles Church during office hours (I don’t recall why), the secretary who had a sore back for years got healed instantly when he prayed for her.

Anyway I was staying with my Uncle and Aunt in Mt Druitt 50km away from where Peter lived in Manly, 2am one morning Peter rang me, he started screaming in my ear, “its trying to kill him, its trying to kill him” I said “hey slow down what’s up?” He said that his flatmate had smoked some dope (the flatmate had just become a Christian a few days earlier), Peter said his flatmate was demon possessed, he said “there are voices coming out of the walls and he tried to stab me with a knife and it shattered for no reason as his flatmate held it”.

Peter said now he is lying on the floor, squirming, I said to him “you have the authority to command it to come out” Peter said “I tried that and I laughed at me and said I didn’t have the faith, I said you didn’t believe it did you?

Then I said put the phone near him… I commanded in Jesus name that it leave, it just laughed at me and brought up some things from my past. I knew my command was hollow and had no faith or authority in it, it had come from my head and not my Spirit. So I said to Peter it will be out in a minute.

I hung up the phone and came before the Lord, (now what happened next is the point of the whole story) as I came before the Lord the Lord gave me the ability to see myself as I truly was in Christ, I was shining like the sun in its strength, he also was shining like the sun in its strength, (this was very unusual for me as I never had much confidence before the Lord, I always had too many things to repent of).

As I stood there like the sun in its fullness, I had totally equality with God, not that I deserved it or earnt it, he gave it to me in Christ, I had his righteousness not my own. It was amazing I had zero inferiority before the Lord, zero shame, zero guilt, zero fear, zero shrinking back, I had perfect unity, perfect belonging, perfect confidence, I knew my place perfectly.

Even though the person on the floor was 50km (?) away in manly, He was 5m away to my right on the floor in the Spirit, I said to the Lord, Father you said “whatever I ask” He said “Son” I said “I ask that this comes out” He said “Son” then I turned and commanded it to come out in Jesus name. Instantly I saw the demon come out and I knew its thoughts, it starred at me with haunted big eyes and its thoughts were “does he believe it?” then it was gone.

I said “thank you Lord” and went and rang Peter, that very minute it had left and he was perfectly fine, then the ambulance arrived but because he was perfectly fine it left again.

God showed me our true identity because ‘where evil is grace does more abound’ the bible says.

That week Peter rang me and said, I keep waking up, and seeing a black mass around my bed, people looking like hooded monks carrying bowls… devil stuff. I wasn’t sure what to make of it and said your house needs cleaned out.

A few days later Peter found a letter in the house that his landlord had written to the devil, the landlord had dedicated the house to the devil… I told Peter to find another flat so they did.

Many other exciting things happened regarding that house… like Thunderbolt

If only we knew who we were in Christ we would act so different, our soul needs to catch up with what happened when we got born-again.

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