Like Jesus

I was worshipping the Lord with all my heart when suddenly I was watching a vision;

There was a large broad staircase in front of me, about 30 steps up the staircase there stood Jesus. His right arm was stretched out beckoning me to come up to where He was, and follow a very narrow staircase (wide enough for only one person) up to the right turn to another room.

He said “Shaughn come up I’ve prepared the way to the Father for you”.

As He said this I looked and the Shaughn He was talking to started to walk into the picture (vision), it was Jesus…. The Shaughn He was talking to was Jesus, or identical to Him…

Being a brand new Christian I didn’t understand that at all, it totally confused me until I read that I was hidden in Christ, baptised in to Christ, that I am to put on Christ, and that as He is so am I in the world.

In times gone by I have thought about that vision and decided to practice putting on Christ… I have come to God hidden in Christ, like Him, and another way I’ve come equally powerfully is to be complete in Him, a new creation in His righteousness.

Not as a sinner saved by grace, but far far past that.. Even though I was that, and experience that, but believing the scripture and doing away with that fallen part (Adam part) of me all together… when I have come these two ways I have experienced the presence, pleasure and power of God I have found totally unobtainable in Adam identity…

I do not believe God get pleasure from you coming crawling on the ground saying I am a worm, He gets pleasure from you utterly abandoning your old life good and bad things and counting them as dung that you might obtain the new life, His gift. Having faith in that gift and the justice He displayed in it.

So when I have come in Christ, so that I am like him, I have found I can come into a place in God I have never been able to come to in the Adam mentality… I have noticed that I can come into a very holy place (the Holiest of Holies) but once I start talking like a man, like natural man, soul man identity (Adam), or old sins, I get whisked out of there in a flash, and I can’t see God any more, I go wow what happened? I call it the veil of the Flesh, through one man we find life, Christ.

Only one man can enter the unapproachable light of the Holiest of Holy place, the man Christ Jesus and we come hidden in the veil of His flesh. (Heb 10:19-20)

The veil of the flesh has been removed in Christ… or more correctly put the veil of the flesh has been removed for those hidden in Christ’s finished work and person by faith.

If you can’t enter because you are still coming as though the work is not finished, don’t worry one stands there that will intercede on your behalf.

You can enter but not with that mere man identity, put on the Lord Jesus Christ. When the scripture has convinced you this vision is correct, ponder what this vision means to you, and then enter what He has prepared for you. Don’t just read it, ponder it!

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