Six months ago a friend of mine, Paul and I were praying for a little girl that was in another city, she had the highest white blood count recorded in NZ (700 I think) and she was very ill, (Leukaemia), as we prayed we asked God to flick the dominos over so that they are now falling the other way… Its just a simple picture and easy to believe for. We saw it as black domino’s falling one way, and God flicks them so they are white dominos falling the other way.. a picture of rampant healing… The next day her white blood count was 19. and she was in the newspaper a few days later with a blood count of 4.

A few days later Paul rang to say that they found cancer in her eyes and she was going blind. So we got together to pray that night, for they had scheduled her for total body radiation treatment the next morning… this treatment was going to win the battle but loose the war, as she would end up sterile, it would stunt her growth, cause future cancers and give her heart and lung problems.

Paul’s wife a nurse, said you don’t understand once they have scheduled her they will not come back and recheck her, once the wheels are in motion it will be impossible to stop. But what is impossible for man is possible for God.

We prayed and we saw a big red stop button, the ones that they have in factories to stop the machines in an emergency. I asked God to push that big button, we also stepped out in the authority that we have in Christ and hit it ourselves. This was an easy thing to pray for and believe for. The next day we found out that they had cancelled the radiation.

A few months later I found out what happened, the mother, a non Christian woke up that morning and felt that something had happened (she had no knowledge of us praying 500 miles away) so she went storming in hospital and refused that her little girl have any further treatment until they retest her, they fought and her all day long but she wouldn’t give in, so they retested her and her eyes were fine. Praise God!

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