Let You Down?

I was in Sydney and wanting to go to Melbourne but never had any money, a friend said “go down to that trucking company and ask for a ride there”, the very first Truckee I came across, said “hop in I’m going right now”… wow

When I was hoping in I asked the Lord what he wanted me to say? He said, “tell him how I have never let you down”.

But because I was so much wiser than God (durr) I decided to start witnessing to Him, I was telling Him about how wonderful Jesus was, and how he needed to be saved, He said “I use to be a Christian but God let me down” He went on to tell me he was casting out a demon and God never came through.

Durr… If only I had taken the Word of Knowledge and not wasted it… we must be bold with the Word of Knowledge, so it impacts, so that does its work and gives you and the person a testimony of God’s goodness.

I told him that God told me to tell him… “that He will never let you down and that he always comes through”,

He had it in his heart that God failed, we need to have it in our hearts that God will never let us down… This is God’s character and its true.

It soon became apparent that this was a divine appointment that God had setup, not only was he going to Melbourne, a city of 5? million. He was going to the same suburb and only one street from where I was going, only 200m away.

Back to your study…God

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