Hope You Fail

A couple of months ago I was ministering in a small town,

One of the locals had scoliosis of the spine, his back, chest and shoulders were all badly crooked.

I prayed for him and nothing happened, the anointing (manifest presence of God) was strong but there was no flow in the anointing, I knew he hadn’t received anything, I just said go believing God, look to Him who is faithful and true.

He didn’t receive anything from the Lord.

A month later I came back to that church and prayed for him again, this time I lifted up his legs and found they were all out of kilter. I called everyone to crowd around to watch. I said thanks Lord, looking to Jesus… nothing happened for a couple of minutes… I looked to the pastors wife, and said “this is fast isn’t it”, “not!!”

I got sick of waiting and rebuked religion, rejection and unbelief, instantly his right leg started to grow out, when it was a couple of inches longer than the left leg it stopped, I made a wise crack about the never ending leg… but knowing it was God I just waited for the other one to grow out too. The left leg quickly grew out to meet the right. Then he said “I use to be a couple of inches taller”, praise God!

Then he got up and whipped off his shirt, he is about 70yrs old, he was saying very excitedly “is my spine straight?” We all agreed it was as straight as an arrow.

My only regret was his top half wasn’t healed on the spot, so I said maybe it will come right, when I went home I realised that it was my fault for not ministering into the straightening of his chest and shoulders as I have seen heaps of these things healed before. If we don’t ask we don’t get.

Later he was talking to me and said “last time you came I wanted you to fail”… I was really shocked by that, I said “you were cutting off your nose to spite your face”, then I said “I had nothing really to do with it, I didn’t earn it, it wasn’t me or my power, it’s given by Jesus, freely it is given freely it is received”.

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