Fire Story

All week I had had dreams from the Lord, dreams of flying, not normal dreams of flying but dreams that I could only fly by faith, and if I didn’t have faith I couldn’t fly and I would start falling out of the sky. God was saying if you want to fly with me, you must believe me.

In my waking hours, the Lord was teaching me, that I am ‘seated on His throne‘ and that I am ‘a king of life‘ and I’m to ‘rule and reign with him‘, also that he ‘holds all things together by the word of his power‘. (4 scriptures)

That weekend I went to my cousins house (on a farm) for his birthday, at 11pm they looked out the window and the gorse that they were burning off that day was on fire. Now the only problem is the gorse is connected to the trees and the trees to the house, and the fire is only 10m from the house and roaring violently. My cousin immediately said “quick we must call the fire brigade”, the only problems is would their hoses reach? and there is no water to draw off.

I said “wait lets go down to the back and have a look”, we went down the flames were 3-4m high and the wind was howling them even higher, it was a dangerous situation… as I went to walk away the Lord said to me “speak to the mountain” 

I thought wow God wants me to speak to this fire, I took the lessons that God had been teaching me all week, that I was seated with him and he is the first cause of all things, I considered it like the first domino “Christ” must be in place for the creation to exist and he has given me authority to wield his power,

So with the authority He had given, I said to the fire “Fire, I take away your first cause, you will no longer exist, embers I take away your ability to produce and hold heat, but somehow I knew it wasn’t done, it needed something to kick it off, break it through, a trigger for a gun, a switch for a light. So I said with my whole heart, “in the name of Jesus so be it!” At that point I knew I had released the kingdom of Heaven into action… as I turned to walk away the Lord said to me, fear looks faith proclaims. (He is the author and finisher of our Faith)

I thought wow the Lord wants me to go and proclaim that it is done

So I went back to the party, the flames were roaring violently they were all discussing what they should do, I said loudly and boldly in front of everyone (mainly non believers) “It is impossible to the level of infinity for that fire to exist, do not worry”, meanwhile the flames were still roaring, 20 minutes later the fire was out and for no natural reason, and when I left at 2am it was still out. Praise God!

A few days later, someone said “I was sitting there watching faith at work and fear at work and it was amazing to watch”.

Jesus taught us a trigger.. the word “AMEN” which means ‘So be it’

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