Faith Speaking

I was asked to speak to the school of leaders at the local church about healing, and how to move in healing. The aim was to teach and then demonstrate with visual miracles, one’s people can see and say “I saw it happen”… internal sicknesses and diseases need days and weeks and months to become a certifiable healing.

But with visual miracles the person can watch a body part growing right in front of their eyes, the cool thing is most people have one side of their body longer, bigger, smaller, higher, lower; so short legs and short fingers are everywhere to be found.

Anyway I called for people who had sore lower backs, the first person came up and everyone crowded around to watch… this is an impossible thing to the medical world and most of the world wouldn’t accept what they are seeing; the growth of bone, muscles, skin, everything in a couple of seconds.

Anyway they were all growing out in just a few seconds, then someone came up and said “I have a slipped disk and it gives me a whole lot of pain”. My first reaction (hidden in my heart) was ok, I hope the Lord comes through?

Because it was a workshop there was a need for transparency so everyone (30-40 people) could learn what was going on while ministering to the sick… I said a question mark just appeared in my heart, will God? what is he doesn’t? I hope He does? I told them because of this question mark in my heart the healing will be blocked by me.

My job is to scan my heart for a scripture, or ask the Lord to give me a Rhema word (vision, or word) something I can believe for… e.g.. The “name of Jesus“, or “they will recover” so I can unblock my heart. I did that but without the conviction needed, my prayer seemed to lack the conviction of faith (my heart wasn’t totally unblocked) so I’m wondering if he received his healing?

The next person that came up had a short leg, so I decided to demonstrate it’s all about the heart not the mouth, it’s what faith says, not intellect!

Words are important but we can take that doctrine too far… like when Jesus said “oh you of little faith,” some Christians would rebuke him and say, don’t speak that over me! The important words are the words from the heart, faith speaking not head… not blab and grab doctrines, but like God who spoke the word with faith and created the universe.

So anyway, I told them that I will show them its not a formula, its not even a certain type of prayer, its what faith says.. so I told them a story, a load of gibberish really, burbling this random story out of my mouth, while my spirit was looking to the Lord and waiting on His miracle.

The girl getting ministered started to react, I looked back at her because she made emotional noises, people do this when they experience God in reality, she felt power of God growing her leg out… meanwhile I was still telling a nonsensical story about three cows and a little pig or something random like that.

The whole point of this exercise is to show it’s not what the mouth speaks its what your faith is believing for… Many say the right words but they are empty of faith on the inside. Head words don’t carry the power, faith filled words do.

Of course when we pray our mouth should say what our faith says.

Pray believe you receive and you shall have what you ask!

It’s what your faith says… its as simple as that.

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