Demon on Chest

A friend and myself were ministering in another town, people had come up for healing and prayer, I stood back and watched people getting ministered too, as I watched I saw a man fall to the floor under the ministry of the Spirit (as they do) there was nothing unusual about this apart for the fact that the Lord showed me a almost cartoon looking demon dancing on his chest, saying I got away with it! I got away with it!

Well I didn’t know what this guy had had prayer for, or any conditions he had all I know was this demon was dancing in glee.

I asked the Lord to sort it out and then commanded it to be arrested and taken away, as I did that I seen (in faiths eye) 2 angels come and take it away.

I rang the pastor a few days later and he told me that, that man had, had to have his lungs drained everyday for the last 8 years.

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