Bounced Off

We were experiencing God moving very strongly, miracle after miracle, each person was getting touched then I got to one girl, (who now happens to be is one of my best friend’s wife). This was when she was still single.

Anyway she was had just moved in with a brethren family six months before, I could see the spirit of religion on her, it’s an oppressive demonic spirit; religion is a twin of the rejection spirit, it say’s “have I earned this?” And “I don’t deserve this”, “am I worthy?”. It’s based in self righteousness or self unrighteousness.

Anyway when I prayed for her, the anointing of God flooded over her, but she was like a rock in a stream, it bounced off her and nearly knocked me over. She received nothing, I decided I would try and bust through for her but I couldn’t do anything. (free will?)

The next person I prayed for had an over-bite on her whole top set of teeth, she got healed instantly and so did all the others who were prayed for… I marvelled at the thing I had seen; miracle, miracle, block, miracle, miracle

When ministering now I rebuke the spirit of religion, rejection and unbelief if there seems to be a block.

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