Our Need

Did you just clicked here to see if we were asking for money??? lol

We will ask you for something, Please pray for us…

Could you pray the Lord’s prayer over us…

  1. God would be glorified here

  2. God’s kingdom come his will be done with this website as it is in Heaven

  3. He would give us our daily bread from heaven to feed people the truth

  4. He would forgive us our errors and correct them

  5. He would deliver us from evil and deception etc…

  6. Because we only want to see his kingdom his power and his glory forever and ever.

Or if you want to practice your strong faith….

  1. Truly reflect God and his purposes

  2. That the truth would be represented correctly

  3. That it would be impacting on those who earnestly desired change

  4. That it would bare fruit that lasted in people

  5. That they would go on to help raise the faith levels of the church worldwide


Will you? Did you? Serious?!

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