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Love not information…

Sometimes when you meet someone new or have a conversation with someone, all they want to do is impact you with, either how much they know, or how wonderful they are, or how spiritual they are in fact the list could go on and on.

We at Activate have one heart; That God, you and the people you touch will get blessed by you being here, not for our success but for you and your success and of course for The Lord Jesus that He would be able to receive His reward through you.

Become real in your life…

We pray that the promises of God which seem so distant and unobtainable in your life would become your everyday experience.

We also know its not about signs and wonders (even though they are extremely important for peoples faith)

We know that God’s dream is that you would believe him, so that you would know him, so that you would Love him and be like him, therefore its all about believing God.

As God’s children we are to minister God’s provision, God’s answer not mans answer. You might say mans answer (e.g. operations and medication) is God’s answer too, sure it is but only because of our unbelief, if Jesus was here ministering to you it wouldn’t be that way.

Don’t make excuses…

Operations and medications might be God’s permissive will but I don’t believe its his perfect will,┬áit takes away from Christ (1 Cor 1:17) and gives glory to man. Most of the time the person is on ongoing medication or even many more operations, suffering and pain.

Its interesting to know that the word anti-Christ means instead of Christ (or in exchange of Christ). Jesus is the answer, no one else! He’s to get the glory too!

Sure he can and will bring good out of every situation…how much better that they get instantly healed by God?

There are two main problems,

1. We make excuses for our unbelief… the disciples failed to heal the little boy, and if they had the chance they would have made up a doctrine to excuse away why it didn’t happen, but they didn’t get the chance, Jesus rebuked them for their twisted thinking, unbelief and bad spiritual state, now days we have more doctrine to say, “it might not happen” than “it will happen”, no wonder miracles are rare in this side of the world.

2. We make excuses because we don’t want to offend the sick person (and of course we shouldn’t) but we also need to all become more sensitive to God than we do to man, we need to see how Jesus treated, corrected and established truth, instead of coming up with doctrines why not.

So those two reasons we come up with are the very problem itself, because we are like the disciple who couldn’t do it, we wonder why it didn’t happen so we defend unbelief and make excuses and doctrines for it.

Christianity is about loving God and loving people, our heart is that you would believe God with all your heart and you would find the fruit of that every step of the way.

We also acknowledge that you are very important to God, that he loves you more than you know, therefore everything we do will be to help you along the way.

For Him and His Glory

Activate team

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