Our Dream

Not only just nice and friendly…

Today’s (western hemisphere) Christian is very good at being nice, friendly, ethical and righteous, but when it comes down to it there are many worldly people just as nice…Is this all there is to being a Christian? Where are the ones who truly know God and move in his promised power and revelation? Christians who are able to prove the good, acceptable and perfect will of God? (Rom 12:2)

The danger is that we learn what’s normal off our peers. When we get born-again we imitate those we associate with. They pray that way so I pray that way, they think that way so I think that way, they don’t seem to seek God with all their heart so I don’t seek God with all my heart… they don’t  seem to lay down their whole life with desperate urgency to seek and save the lost so I don’t, they seem to be mainly concerned with their own personal world so I am too… etc etc

Nowadays Christianity seems to be more about living a good life, creating security, being a positive influence in the community, and a constructive member of society. However it doesn’t seem to stack up with all the promises in the bible about being more, being the manifest sons of God on the earth.

We need a new “Christian normal”

We need a new kind of Christian “norm”, a norm that is not about our security and our enjoyment but about laying down our lives for His and the gospel’s sake; not out of some religious act but out of our love for God and people.

I believe there are levels in God, and the degree of the “state of your being” matters immensely. If you’re a mess you make a mess, if you’re whole you make whole, if someone ministers to you that is not able to minister at that level nothing will happen, we minister out of where we are at (Matt 17:16-21) not out of where God’s is at… sure it’s God who does the work but it’s us He works through. Another way of saying this is: Your actions and results prove your faith.

How many people in your church are sick, or have enormous problems that the professional world and Christian prayer hasn’t seemed to help? We look at them and wish but wishing is not enough for their need. Jesus has paid for them to have so much more…Both He and they are getting ripped off by us not believing God.

The disciples tried to heal the little boy, (Matt 17:16-21) Jesus rebuked them for their unbelief and perverse thinking then He stated they needed to be at a different place spiritually and that they will get there by prayer and fasting.

Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is in Power not in Word, we need to be people with more than words. (1 Cor 1:17)

We need to be people that use God’s resources and tools, the gifts and the fruit of the Spirit.

Full gospel, not half the gospel.

It’s my dream that we become like Jesus, not just in character but also in heart, action, power, sacrifice, love, humility and knowing God and his ways.

If you’ve seen us (Christians), you’ve seen the father…that’s my dream!

Surely every boy just wants to be like their dad?

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