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God is putting together our jigsaw puzzle

God said “My people perish though lack of knowledge”, God is adding to us how everything works and we are discovering we have had a lot wrong for too long, this site is aimed at helping retrain us in correct thinking and paradigms. It will challenge some sacred cows and will certainly aim to kill a few.

We understand this site is certainly not for everyone, it’s a bit too full gospel for some, some of it may be very new, however it is meant to be a breakthrough website.

We want it full gospel, not the full gospel the church is used to, but a full gospel that we believe is coming to the church, and the one you will realise was true when you go to be with the Lord.

It is not the middle of the Christian road as we know it; it is trying to burst the bubble of normal Christian thinking. Not to the left or right pressing the margins, but forward, extremely centred on exploring Christ crucified, attempting to pierce the darkness and fog of war to bring us into a new dimension in God – one that only a few have known and walked in down through the ages…

What is written here will only be scripture and concepts which are written in the word, promised and provided for in Christ. There are so many promises that are not realised in Christ that the contrast between us and Jesus is enormous. We are supposed to be Jesus on the earth, but we have become much littler, weaker Jesus’ than God intended.

We’ve become a people of just words…

We have made God a God of words, but He says, “the kingdom is not in word but in power”. The representation of God on the earth through the church has made Him appear dead, greedy, religious, distant, weak and incapable. The God of the church appears just like the god(s) of any other religion. We say “we have got the truth” but are sadly unable to prove (Rom 12:2) or demonstrate (1 Cor 2:4-5) the power of God when it comes to the real big issues of life.

The Body of Christ in the western world is in an infant state. We say we are rich and in need of nothing, but Jesus says, “don’t you know you are poor, blind, wretched and naked”. Religious spirits and anti-Christ spirits are rampant in the church, but we don’t recognise it because of our current state, we are in desperate need of repair.

The war is on, it is very strategic, the enemy is totally focused and we are losing it, the problem with us losing it is the world doesn’t see the hope they should see in us and they turn to other things, kids to drugs and suicide etc…

Also we have based our churches on the pastoral anointing only, which by its very nature is to care for the body like a mother, but in doing this we have made ourselves introverted and self seeking. We love our pastors and they are wonderful people; their function is extremely important. However, the church was to be built on the foundation of the apostolic and prophetic anointings, which are the outward focused, whole heart, action promoting anointings.

Because we lack the lions roar of the apostolic and prophetic anointings we hide in our churches, hoping the pastor will go out and win the world, the pastor not suppose to win the world, we are suppose to be trained to go out and win the world.

You might say Jesus will build his church, and yes that is true but he also says the traditions of man make his words have no effect on those that hear. The body of Christ will stay an infant and never come to the standard of the fullness of the man Christ Jesus until the five streams of anointing and perspective that God intended influence the church.

To add to that, pastoring has got to be one of the hardest jobs in the world, because we run our pastors to the ground trying to make them be everything we need and would like (they are only 20% of the answer), we also make their job so stretched, so broad, that they can’t focus.

We get them taking funerals, weddings, dedications, counselling, administrating, pastoring, preaching, visiting, leading every meeting, being the example, being our role models, etc. The thing is they are so busy doing all the extra things that they can’t focus on the higher call that Paul talked about pressing towards. Therefore the people only go as far as the pastor, who is too busy to get there either. The vicious cycle goes on and on.

Wouldn’t you much rather have a leader that stood in the presence of God, walked so close to Him because ‘they knew Him who they have believed in‘. That they were able to ‘demonstrate‘ and ‘prove God’s perfect will‘, because they had ‘freed themselves from waiting on tables‘ as the Apostles did. We need to set our leaders free from petty cultural ‘extra pastoral duties’ or things won’t change.

The other problem is we minister, teach and target the level of the lowest common denominator, and we end up keeping everything so basic that we all stay at the basics. Most in the church couldn’t even lay hands on the sick and see them healed, like the disciple they will say “why didn’t it happen?“. (because most churches only allow the leaders to minister and the people sit and evaluate) The body is supposed to do the ministry and the five fold ministry is meant to teach them how to do it.

We should prove God with a demonstration of power…

Paul says I don’t come with the wisdom of clever communication but with the power of God that your faith might not be in clever communication.

Peter walked on the water and sank, Jesus rebuked him for his faith, how much more would He rebuke us for our faith? Have you walked on water lately?

The world needs God’s answers, all we are currently able to give is no different than the world’s answers, a bit of counselling and a loving hand.

Jesus said “these works you will do, (his works… healing the sick, raising the dead, fed the 5000, cast out demons etc..) and even greater works because I go to the father”.

The people’s faith was so great that the apostles’ shadows healed people as they walked down the road, yet we the church don’t run to the hospitals to find the sick and dying to bring them to church to be healed. Why? Isn’t it true that if we totally knew they were going to get healed we would.

If the Holy Spirit left today would we know about it tomorrow? Or would church carry on just the same?

Let’s go after everything God intended us to have in Christ, let’s give Jesus the reward that he deserves. I believe the saddest thing in all the world is Jesus has paid for so much and we take so little. We say thanks for the salvation, but we forget about the rest.

Let’s empty the store houses of heaven, make heaven so busy because we are praying so much, believing so much; ‘you have not because you ask not’. Let’s give Jesus his reward. (Eph 1:18) He paid for so much but gets so little.

Hear our heart on this.

Don’t just read this; live it!

If you are on this website to learn, put your whole heart into it. Jesus hopes in you to believe him, step up a level or two in your faith – you might be a runner, one who has so much less resistance than us who have gone before, you might be one who can grasp concepts here, (be like a Joshua or Caleb) and it could launch you places that we only dream of going.

The bible says ever learning but never really coming to the knowledge of the truth, we need transformation not information! Are you ever learning or are you starting to do, live and be what you know? It’s walk the walk not talk the talk!

Everything is held up by the soul, your soul might be free of our cultural hang-ups. Don’t just read and move on, understand it, get it so it’s easy for you, child’s play, active and manifest in you. That you may prove (not with words) the good, acceptable and perfect will of God. (Rom 12:2)

Jesus would get kicked out of many churches today if he preached what he preached about faith. Many just want to argue their opinion; don’t worry about the slow traffic, just pass it and move on in love!

For Him and His Reward

Gems among the rubble

Currently this site if full of yet to be completed pages, a fair serving of typos, repeat material written from different angles and unexpanded sermons, but I encourage you bear with it, there are treasures to be found within, hunt a little as new pages are continually added as revelation comes.

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